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Galerija Kapelica
In the year 1995 Kapelica Gallery was established as an art space with focus on Contemporary Investigative Arts and a production platform for research, investigation and experimenting with the limits of artistic discourses and art poetics. Kapelica art program is constituted by exhibitions, performances and artistic research. The gallery presents works of artists that dare to go beyond safe and pleasant themes and are challenging visitors to contemplate and wonder with them. Together with BioTehna wet lab Kapelica is an active production platform which encourages, facilitates and showcases investigative artistic production, create public debate and stimulates an critical understanding of the time we live in.

The concept of ‘The Price of Bare Life’ exhibition is stemming from the philosophical observations of Giorgio Agamben who upgraded the discourse of biopolitics developed by Michel Foucault. Both are engaged critics of the ”anthropological machine”, claiming that biopolitics rose with the development of capitalistic production, where the controlled flux of the human bodies for the sake of production supports only the needs of economy. That is the moment where bare life became the currency for the calculation of the rulers; where the care of bare life became the only thing that had been left to the individual.
With ubiquitus computer technology, bare life gets its technological annex which is enhancing production capability but at the same time denies even bare life as such. The artificial life as an appendix or even substitution of the bare life itself enters in the account of value of life. With the bio-technology that came to invade human body, we encountered the philosophical dead end of the humanism.
With ‘The Price of Bare Life’ exhibition that collects some of the most cutting-edge performances presented in the last 20 years at the Kapelica Gallery, we are trying to intuite the possible bio-social evolution of the so-called human animal.

‘The Price of Bare Life’ exhibition contains video material and remains of performances by various artists who performed at Kapelica Gallery in the period 1995-2014.

The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the Dicréam (CNC), and the Institut français de Slovénie.