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Maja Smrekar graduated at the Sculpture Department of Fine Art Academy in Ljubljana, currently finishing MA at the New Media Department. She has executed projects within which she was researching frequency phenomena through biofeedback and thelematic presence in relations to body, privacy and (inter)subjective perception of space. During the last few years she has been developing projects with focus on living organisms.

Jacana Wildlife Studios
Involved in Wildlife activities since 1964, Jean-Philippe Varin created these unique studios in 1984. In this wildlife centre, two hours drive south from Paris, which is not open to the public, we have more than 2,000 animals that are specially trained for cinema, advertising, photography and events. Over 8,000 square meters of buildings and 15 hectares of woodland are dedicated to: invertebrates, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and of course “pets”.

Maja Smrekar prepared her performance Ecce Canis in partnership with the Jacana Wildlife Studios. The discussion will focus on phenomenology of perception, different aspects of anthropocentrisme, reconstruction and re-appropriation of the scientific method in cultural context, and the relation between living systems and inanimated systems presenting properties of the living.
The brunch will be followed by the visit of the Jacana Wild Life Studios.

Saturday 8, brunch from 12am to 1pm

Tour of Jacana Wildlife Studios in Sainte-Montaine from 2pm to 6pm
Rendezvous in la Friche l’Antre-Peaux at 1:30pm
(reservation at 02 48 50 42 47 /

Preparations of performance Ecce Canis at Jacana Wild Life Studios

Preparations of performance “I hunt nature and culture hunts me” by Maja Smrekar (Si) for les Rencontres Bandits-Mages 2014.
Project Ecce Canis in series K9 Topology. With trainers Véronique Gérault (La Louve des Carpates), Christophe Gaudry et zoologiste Jean-Philippe Varin, animal trainer for film and director of Jacana Wild Life Studios based in Sainte-Montaine in le Cher, France.