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Born in Neuchâtel in Switzerkand on March 31st 1970, Fabrice Aragno studied at the Lausanne school of art, the école cantonale d’art de Lausanne, leaving with his diploma in 1998. After a spell in stage management and lighting, he made several short films, including Dimanche (selected at the 52nd Cannes Film Festival in 1999), Le Jeu (2003) and Autour de Claire (2010).
Since 2002, he has worked alongside Jean-Luc Godard – as location director on Notre Musique (2004), then as director of photography and sound engineer on Film Socialisme (2010), Les Trois Désastres (2013) and Adieu au langage (2014).
In collaboration with the Swiss Cinémathèque, he has recently edited and co-produced the films Amore carne (2011) and Sangue (2013) by Pippo Delbono and directed Freddy Buache, le cinéma (2012) for the DVD box-set dedicated to Freddy Buache.