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We present to you a selection of 21 short films post-porn, from Latin America, Europe and North America. A rich array of non-normative sexualities, dissidents bodies that make evidence of an overactive imagination regarding the creation of DIY identities. This diversity echoes with those of the audiovisual genres used for these collective and without copyright creations. These videos have in common to articulate representations / sexual practices around the notion of a trans-feminist and post-identity cyborg. And we can tell you that is quite different than the sci-fi fantasy made in Hollywood and than mainstream porn. Finally, we want to thank Bandits-Mages and Emmetrop for having opened this space that, in addition to being an opportunity for showing non-standard videos, has generated the production of new works created especially for this occasion. A beautiful way to deconstruct the representation / production binomial.
Quimera Rosa


Plug & Play
Belgique, Bruxelles 2008 – 9 min 33
Auteur : Kimmik, Pam Vander Pute en Marthe Vab Dessel

Made during the Tranformer festival in Brussels: Three cyborgs discover a creative expression of their complex genders and the potential excitment of repetitive movements. They meet in electronic sensuality, in an exchange of cold and warm hugs.

Power Up
Suisse 2013 – 2 min 02
Auteur : Starlow Prud

POWER UP gives special abilities to the characters in Mario World.
POWER UP affects sexual desire.
POWER UP turns out to be a bike.

France 2012 – 55 sec
Auteur : Sandrine Deumier and Alx P.op

Staging a virtual character confronted with its own irreality, “Un.reality” juxtaposes virtual codes and programs of reality in a kind of fantasized screen which acts as border between two worlds.

Espagne 2005 – 6 min 57
Auteur : Post-Op
Creative Commons (by-nc-sa) 3.0

Hybrid beings with diverging corporal morphologies gather together for a fun sex party.

Aproximadamente Tú / Approximately You
Mexique, D.F. 2014 – 3 min 52
Auteur : Miroslava Tovar, Jorge Gomez del Campo
Creative Commons (by-nc-sa)

This video looks at the possibilities for meaningful connections within a system of production which mediates all human interaction through cybernetic systems and the comodification of subjectivity. It looks at the ways that a narcissistic, alienated desire can approximate love

Champs Opératoires
Canada 2014 – 9 min 42
Auteur : Anne Goldenberg, Héloïse Prax

Bodies, places and prosthesis are the operatory fields of the possibles. The frontiers harness each others, in rituals of insertions, sowing, soldering and deliverance. In the margin of the ubisoftian gentrification, ghosts wonder in the windows.


[Double Bind #3]
France 2013 – 3 min 50
Auteur : Gilivanka Kedzior, Barbara Friedman

This video illustrates our position against Putin’s brutal anti-gay laws.
“I love your eyes, my darling friend, Their play, so passionate and bright’ning, When a sudden stare up you send, And like a heaven-blown lightning, It’d take in all from end to end…”
Fyodor Ivanovich TYUT CHEV, 1836

Nostalgia de vos
Italie 2014 – 4 min 08
Auteur: Goghi & Goghi

A stupid jingle becomes the rhythmic excuse to explore a transition in a motel. A love conversation that reaches its final shape of a pornographic consideration on gender. In the meantime, the voyeuristic eye of the observer looks for some kind of secondary sexual feature for fear of uncertainty

Vamos a echarnos un palito ! / Let us out a stick !
Mexico City 2013 – 2 min 30
Auteur : Rurru Mipanochia

Current representation of a party held by the ancient Nahua tlaxcaltecas; where people that are guilty of great “sexual offenses” felt, they confessed them, and how punishment, they pierced tongue and was inserted into the hole so many sticks as “sex crimes” had been committed.

Sucktion 014
Pérou 2014 – 2 min 10
Auteur : Hector Acuña

Sometime somewhere in a non heteronormative future world, oral pleasure among bio-women and bio-men will become so complex and disruptive that sex itself cannot be conceived without prosthetic intervention, in this case, this “cyborg blowjob” reflects anything we have in common with our innermost fear to recognize our own animality.

Espagne 2014 – 2 min 47
Auteur : Adriana F. Luque, Rebeca Sas, Carla Cias, Eva Luque

A journey into the woman cyborgs mind, taken through a self-inducted fantasy of the deconstruction of all forms. Codes are fragmented through action and new prosthetic mutations that reinvent pleasure. At this point a new sexuality is born, giving place to queer femininities.

Afección V
Italie/Espagne 2013 – 1 min 54
Auteur : Mery Sut

This video was born of the collaboration with Sara Galán; from my fascination for the music, from her world, her history and the relationship with her instrument…, capable of tying her and make her free at the same time. This work is my own vision, so nearby as sometimes blind.

Sint.estesia Eró.gena
Argentine/Mexique 2013 – 4 min 30
Auteur : Aelevadoan, Ganesh

Resignifications of excess, fermentation and decomposition through synthesizing synesthesiac arousals of contrasexuality. Stimulating experiences of hipersensoriality as a political agency of transforming the way we relate to the world : pleasure as a sexoaffective connection of caring and attention.

Ecosexual Weddings Project
USA 2008-2014 – 8 min
Auteur : Elizabeth Stephens, Annie Sprinkle

In 2008 we produced a big performance art wedding where we invited everyone to take vows with us to “love, honor and cherish the Earth until death brings us closer together forever.” After that day, we identified as ecosexuals. We shifted the metaphor from Earth as a ‘mother’, to the Earth as a ‘lover’ in order to create a more mutual relationship with nature.


Change Name Ceremony’s
Colombie 2013 – 3 min 52
Auteur : Ladyzunga

Female Name or Male Name…….. or mixed. No no no no, it’s Female or Male……. No, I’m ABCDEFG HIJKLMN OPQRST UVWXYZ the tool, the origin, the genesis… I’m the prostitute, everybody is using me to create, to build, to lie, to love, to …… all. I’m not human. I am nothing and I’m all.

Yes, we fuck ! (trailer)
Espagne Work in progress, débuté en 2012.
Trailer 2014 – 5 min
Auteur : Raúl De La Morena, Antonio Centeno

Yes, we fuck ! is not just a documentary but a project where the process of elaboration serves to forge alliances between different groups working political issues related to the body and sexuality (functional diversity, feminisms, transfeminisms , LGBT, queer, intersex, fat, etc.).

Northporn Capitalismo
Italie/Espagne 2011-2014 – 2 min 56
Auteur : armsidea

Porn Capitalism is for us a series of disorders : communication becomes merchandise, relationships become links for suspecting, monitoring, blackmailing and submission, human contact is a mere pretext, life becomes a void experience, desire becomes a synthetic drill and the request for being and participating becomes only achievable by the logic of bribery.

Oh Kaña !
Espagne 2010 – 11 min 43
Auteur : Collective (Post-Op + Quimera Rosa + Mistress Liar + Dj Doroti)

Bitches and a mutant cyborg zoo invade the public space and make the Ramblas as theirs, as Ocaña in his time.
Collective Performance made for the exhibition “Ocaña : Action, performance, activism” in the Palau de la Virreina, the Ramblas and the Boquería marketplace, Barcelona.

Elektric ants – fake version
Espagne 2014 – 5 min
Auteur : Morphine goes to Tokio

Video-clip is inspired by the work of the Japanese comic artist Suehiro Maruo. The video shows a series of practices and games between twins.

Neurosex Pornoia. Episode 1
Allemagne 2014 – 7 min
Auteur : Abigail Gnash, Eric Pussyboy

In the first episode of this scifi postporn short film series, Gabriel, a neurosex encoder with a vendetta, has contacted two sources to obtain raw neurological and physiological data from them while they fuck. A nasty surprise awaits all those eager to experience the thrill of the neurosex code.

USA/France 2009 – 5 min (extrait)
Auteur : Shu Lea Cheang & Co.

UKI, a sequel to Cheang’s cyberpunk sci-fi movie I.K.U (2000), is structured both a viral performance and a viral game. I.K.U. tells the story of I.K.U. coders dispatched by GENOM Corp. to collect orgasm data. UKI viral performance made with 18 performers and jammed noises further processes viral body viral codes.