Pavillon programmatique des étudiants des rencontres Bandits-Mages 2014

Coordination :
David Legrand, artiste collectif, ciné-vidéaste, installationniste, acteur, dialoguiste et membre fondateur de la galerie du cartable.
Équipe de programmation 2014 :
Marie Gaudou (ENSA Bourges)
Ophélie Soulier (ENSA Bourges)
Violaine Higelin (ESAL Metz).

(Freshly formed to bring the student artistic scene closer)
HALL NOIR proposes a workshopaimed at forming a space for participative art called «  Freak show » : « Freak show deals with visions of a berserk anthropomorphism, based on the assessment that the body is a host for parasites who, just like our language, finds its’ construction in an inheritance. In this approach, similar to that of laboratories, the groups will work in interaction, working out forms and plastic assembling, performative and audiovisual research. Here, the workshop space would be the space of visibility for work in mutation and for what operates in collective creation. « Freak show » deconstructs the visitors and the artists status, in what it holds correspondingly from the iconophagus voyeur and the freak.



the host body of parasites


Lieu : Château d'eau
du Mardi 11 au jeudi 13 de 15h00-19h00
Vernissage : lundi 10 de 19h00-22h00
Presentation of the workshop project from the « collective des yeux »
upon Ophélie Soulier-Bois' and Marie Gaudou's invitation.

Freakshow deals with visions of a short-circuited anthropomorphism starting from the assessment that the body is a host of parasites, who just like our language, finds its construction in a legacy.
In a laboratory type approach, it's about initiating the creation of a shared language and concurrently experimenting forms and plastic assembling, performative and audiovisual research
Approaching the concepts of capture, observation and reconstitution can produce phantasmagoria and new vocabularies.
The space of the workshop would be a space to visit but most importantly a space full of life , inhabited by the participants. An ever-muting space for the purpose of showing the unfinished.
We introduce the visiter to the questioning of everyone on the limitations between the interior and the exterior, which determines the private and the public, self and the other's space.
FREAKSHOW invests on a construction of « a monster fair » or « an artistic » zoo which tends to deconstruct the status of the visiter and the artist, in what they have taken respectively from the from the iconophagous voyeur and the freak.
To say or to contradict what is human and what is non human, also allows for narration / projection / the fiction of considered as false, impossible ou separated from reality.




Venue : Château d'eau
Monday 10 from 8pm to 10pm

A program put together based on student videos (student videos) from a queer perspective. 
An inventory in the midst of young creation that takes into consideration the different approaches gravitating around questions of identity, gender and sexuality 
A rather global first stage, that offers a diversity of propositions and languages.
A collective exhibition elaborated with the desire for encounters. 
A collection of experimentations, statements, and exposure.

Let's talk about identity, let's talk about desire, let's talk about genders, let's talk about norms, let's talk about surpassing, let's talk about sexes with the desire for TRANS-gression / formation /mutation.

Trans-hysterical screams , moving and parasitic poetry, provocative laughter, cheeky musical impudence, transgressive rituals, strange bodies, fairy tales for adults, riot-punk compilation, burlesques staging, sensual wavering...

A rebellious muti-media space rubbing its backside on the stone of the castle. 
A sacred brothel. No complex. No hierachy . A self – managed zone.
Disorder. Trouble. Excentricity.