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Hotel Lallemant, Alchemy and Sound Creation

Radio Radio
This is a temporary radio station set up by students at the ENSA (école nationale supérieure d’art) in Bourges.

Radio Radio is on FM, 105.1 in Bourges and online at
Over the last decade, the ENSA in Bourges has been working on sound material as an integral part of the field of plastic arts. Not only does this corresponds to a current issue in contemporary art which is straying further and further into the realms of sound, it is also a response to the local context with its long history in electro-acoustics. 
Radio Radio has kept up close partnerships with Bourges music academy and its class in electro-acoustics (many of the students are following the same curricula) as well as with Bandits-Mages, the Abbey of Noirlac, the Ina etc. These links have made it possible to organise events and find guest personalities from the world of sound art and teachers working along the same lines.

Taking part in this ongoing workshop since April 2014 are students from Radio Radio, in close collaboration with the actress Hermine Karagueuz and François Angellier, producer of the programme Mauvais Genres on France Culture.

The project is one of the themes of the Rencontres. Drawing inspiration variously from Dario Argento’s film Suspiria and the books of René Guénon René Daumal, Polanski’s Le Locataire (The Tenant) or Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty, a suspense story, mingling in our ears with mysterious noises, unveils the secrets of the Philosopher’s Stone and the fresco of the Golden Fleece at the Hotel Lallemant. Pacôme Thiellement has invited each student to have a look at, or rather a listen to, a prime example of French alchemy while creating a radio drama. This creative task involves questioning the construction of a fictional narrative.

Workshop participants :
Arthur Barré, Driss Ghodbani, Janick Deneux, Josèfa Ntjam, Aurélien Merlet, Émélie Gilson, Ambre Dourneau, Pauline Meola, Léa Clavel, Lympia Filippi, Annely Boucher, Claire Bertolotti

Public broadcast
«on air» on RADIO RADIO FM 105.1
Venue : Friche de l’Antre-Peaux, Friday 14th from 1pm