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Encounter with Jurij Krpan from Galerija Kapelica

Jurij Krpan
Born in Postojna in 1961, lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia. At the initiative of the Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana he conceived the Kapelica Gallery – Gallery for Contemporary Investigative Arts, which he has been running since. As curator and selector he has contribuited to domestic and international festivals, the biggest international productions to date being the organization and artistic management of the Slovenian pavilion at the 50th Venice Bienale in 2003 and the conceptual gallery Cosinus BRX at the European Commission building in Brussels and the trienial of Contemporary Investigative Arts 2006 at Museum of Modern Art – Ljubljana. In September 2008 he curated the presentation of the Gallery Kapelica in the Featured Art Scene section of Ars Electronica in Linz. In 2014 he was invited to co-curate the Designing Life section for Biennial of product design in Ljubljana and curate the slovenian pavilion at Venice biennial for architecture. Jurij Krpan lectures about the artistic profile of the Kapelica Gallery in Slovenia as well as abroad.

Jurij Krpan, director of Galerija Kapelica, will present the history of the gallery, their main working themes and future orientations. The discussion will eventually debate history of the gallery in performance and body art ; as well as around art projects combining natural sciences, new media and performance and explain categories such as « intermedia », « investigative contemporary art », « hybrid art » or « bio art ».

Venue : Friche de l’Antre-Peaux
Saturday 8 from 2pm at 3:30pm