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Maja Smrekar
Maja Smrekar graduated at the Sculpture Department of Fine Art Academy in Ljubljana, currently finishing MA at the New Media Department. She has executed projects within which she was researching frequency phenomena through biofeedback and thelematic presence in relations to body, privacy and (inter)subjective perception of space. During the last few years she has been developing projects with focus on living organisms.
In 2010 she organised International Festival HAIP10/New Nature. The festival took place at the Multimedia Centre Cyberpipe in Ljubljana where she has been active as an artistic director for two years. She has been awarded at the Cynetart festival 2012 by the European Centre for Arts Hellerau (Dresden/Germany) with the 1st prize, Honorary mention at the Ars Electronica festival 2013 (Linz/Austria), as well as the Golden Bird Award 2013 – The national award for special achivements at the field of visual art (Ljubljana/Slovenia). She lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The total humanization of the animal coincides with a total animalization of man.
Giorgio Agamben, THE OPEN: Man and Animal

Interaction of biology and culture is the central concept in the understanding of human evolution, geographical dispersion, diversity and health. The project focusses on metabolic pathway processes that trigger emotional motif which connects two species: humans and dogs to successfully coexist together.
The physiological core of this paradigm dwells in the connection between the sense of smell and serotonin pathway predispositions which result as a hormone accumulation feedback in interaction between both species.
For thousands of years humans had been developing a lack of perception of smell which decreased inversely with the development of culture that predisposed behavioural skills in verbal/sound and visual communication.
Therefore the project poses a question: How come that we are able to evolve such emotional synergy and thus both align around a common want?

Venue : Friche de l’Antre-Peaux Vernissage
Exhibition from saturday 8 to saturday 15