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[sEXUS 3]

Quimera Rosa
Quimera Rosa (Pink Chimera) is a lab that researches and experiments on body, technology and identities, whose work has been presented in streets, art centers, bars, universities, concert halls, museums, squats and festivals. From a transfeminist and post-identity perspective, they make bodies a platform for public intervention, breaking up limits between public and private. They understand sexuality as a technological and artistic creation and seek to experiment hybrid, flexible and changing identities able to blur frontiers between natural/artificial, normal/abnormal, man/woman, human/machine, hetero/homo, art/life, human/animal, reality/fiction… The most of our work is developed in a collaborative way, and always under DIY technologies and free culture paradigm.
[sEXUS 3] Part I : Zhora (aka the Violonist)
With a nod to The piano teacher by Elfriede Jelinek, this performance revises the universe of Blade Runner in a post porn version: here, the replicants have left humanity for good… mixing scenes of cyberpunk surrealism with non-conventional sexual practices, the sEXUS 3 transform their bodies into sexo-sounding instruments through electronic prosthesis connected the flesh with BDSM techniques. The sound of this piece is generated live by the contact of the bodies. Quimera Rosa condensates in this performance its six years of electro chemical experiments. Will you subject to its empathy test?

Venue : Nadir / Friche de l’Antre-Peaux Saturday 8 at 20h30