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Formed in 2011 by Scott Batty and Alexandre Garcia

Larynx and Claw is attuned on a style described by dark linking elements, experimental hard folk and a cold rock with visionary poetic sound. They have been heard live on France Culture radio and broadcasted on Salford City radio. They also have played with artists like Primus ans SecretChiefs 3.

LARYNX AND CLAW (ex The Umbilical Chords), is the chord with which the embryo prefers hang itself to go visit the intrauterine lands better than come to get bored on earth with us.

The Umbilical Chords, are also the arrangements from which
the alchemist can verify the passing through of the stars by the crucible.
The Umbilical Chords, are yet again the concentric circles of bass
and guitars/universe of Le Hibou that collide around the shamanic
voice of Scott Batty and go around it like a lasso.

The Umbilical Chords, it’s finally the sound of clouds when
they gather, the birth of a storm, back into life.
The Umbilical Chords, it’s the music of the past, the present and the future:
because we’re not born yet, and, seeing the looks of your world,
you will understand that we’re still in stand-by.”

Written by Pacôme Thiellement.


Venue :
Nadir – Friche de l’Antre-Peaux
Saturday 15 from 9pm