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Real-time image manipulation
Deconstruction of the image and the body

Laurent Carlier
VJ depuis une quinzaine d’années, initiateur et coordinateur de Vision’R VJ Festival (festival international nomade), co- organisateur des mensuelles « IRL Performances », Laurent Carlier a également créé Vision’R – Ecole VJ, un cycle de formation en ateliers nomades orientés éducation populaire post-disciplinaire explorant le VJing comme sphère de l’image live dans tous ses états. (festival VJ) & (performances IRL)

VJing, the sphere of the live image (VJing, from Video Jockey – emancipated from its context of origin – is he real-time manipulation of images during audiovisual performances (AV)) is a very dynamic artistic practice, which today can be found in various contexts: performances in galleries, clubs, concerts, theatres, festivals, video-dance, etc.

A pleasurable and political act, VJing – due to its ephemeral nature and the connections it makes – is a intensively experimental field, an invitation to better read and shake up the images that surround us, inhabit us or distract us.

The omnipresence of screens questions both the place of the body in the circulation of images and the relationships with the world (immediate and mediatized).
What relationships with the world and with the images, what strategies of resistance against the standardization and politics of coercion are developing in the sphere of audiovisual performances?

By using the image live and using real-time technologies as a means (and as an end without end) to project one’s imagination to represent a thought in process, makes possible the development of a thought in rhythms, which has a site-specific critical relationship with the milieu of emergence of that thought. Hence, a critical relationship with the spectacle, understood as an apparatus of domination and conditioning.

Beyond the technical apparatus and the instrumental fascistic rationality (see Frankfurt School: the formalism of reason in the age of industrial capitalism), Vision’R defends critical contents and usages, which create – from a simple co-presence of an image without dimension and a body, mutated simultaneously – a way of living in relative autonomy from representations, emancipating themselves by generating their own representation both through traces and symbols of identity endlessly auto-generated (Gestaltung), thus, living the environment and dreams by traversing them already there: create a world.

Beyond the dead-end of economic determinism and the vicious circle of globalization-cultural identity, the coming world (the emergence of singular expressions and social appropriations of technologies) is made through hybridization and the refusal of both, clearly defined or loose categories of the notion of essence (cognitive, aesthetic and/or ethic): through perpetual inventions of identity, through new subjectivities and their critical tactics (emancipation, deconditioning, unlearning…)

The master class Digital Purple is therefore concerned with personal and collective archives and their relationship to memories, myths, meaning and dreams. Memories of the body, of an intellectual journey, memories, both ethical and aesthetical, of views which make daydreams (or daymares, the other side of the coin made from the same metal).

Laurent Carlier (coordinator of the Vision’R VJ Festival) has taken care of the proposals for video performances made by the participants.
For this new session, a particular invitation has been given to three new participants, Pacôme Thiellement, Thomas Bertay and Nadège Piton, with the aim to put an emphasis on the questions of viewing and preparing the images, and on the corporeal approach to performance.
How to make a selection from archives? According to which criteria? According to which keywords? For what use?

Participants : Violaine, Marion, Gregorz, Pierre et Paola.

Venue :
Nadir – Friche de l’Antre-Peaux
Saturday 15 from 6pm