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Mission Statement
“The main aim of each piece of research is the investigation process itself. We are working on two types of investigation: one “internal” – as a personal, private gesture of what one is and was in order to become something else; the other “external” one is when one commits to another person’s gesture and with him, for him, one becomes something else. So the investigation process is in perpetual mutation. Nothing is definitively tangible, no concept, truth, reality or language. Every definition and every form which repeats itself is death – even this text is a definition.
Hence cinema! A splendidly ambiguous medium with a language like a child’s, perhaps, unfathomable, fresh, unrecognisable in its capacity for social interaction – yet loaded with animal sensations, in danger of being misunderstood but for that very reason understandable by each and every one and therefore liberating.
So enough said. Let’s have no more words.”
Giuseppe Spina

Nomadica is a self-sustaining circuit for experimental cinema, an organisation with multiple objectives, focused on new forms of production, support and distribution for authors and artists working on their own. Nomadica was born to support films which, through their language, style and subject matter, do not find their place in the sterile oligopoly of the mainstream film industry. Made up of some hundred works from various countries, subdivided into several research procedures, the circuit is a prismatic structure which links up diverse development projects to other, always dissimilar, definitions of space, society and landscape. Nomadica is currently present in Italy, Mexico, Uruguay and France.

Trailer Jazz per un Massacro

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Kaputt Katastrophe
by Luca Ferri
Italy 2012 – 16 minutes

In sunny, summertime Zurich, young people from all over Europe have gathered together for the “Street Parade”. In the warping, grotesque stream of human events there suddenly appears a bearded old-timer from the Alps. This could mean a let-up but then everything starts again as if nothing had happened, even from the point at which nothing is ever started.

Caro Nonno
by Luca Ferri
Italy 2014 – 18 minutes

A tribute to the living composer vivant Dario Agazzi. Three grandchildren, recognisable by the same mechanical voice, write to their “dear Grandfather”. They could be triplets but what is certain is that they look as alike as sisters. They pour out the misery of their paralysed existence to the octogenarian despot, the father of their weak parents. The appearance of the dear Grandfather sweeps away any doubts and puts an end to all hope.

by Giuseppe Spina
Italy 2014 – 16 minutes

“The Greek word zauma means dread of the unpredictability of fate, often translated into French as merveille, but the term is inadequate. Homer describes Polyphemus, who eats Odysseus’ companions, as “zauma”, evoking horrible monstrosity. In general, zauma, because it has generated knowledge and philisophy, signifies dread for the fate of the world.” (Severino, 2012)

Jazz per un Massacro
by Leonardo Carrano and Giuseppe Spina
Italy 2014 – 15 minutes

The film is a tribute to the artist and experimental film-maker Nato Frascà, inventor of the “doodling method”, a form of free expression through which one can probe the unconscious. Orchestrated by Giuseppe Spina, Marco Colonne’s syntactical jazz improvisation unites with Leonardo Carrano’s abstractions, 20,000 painted, engraved and etched photogrammes created directly on camera film.

Orizzonti Orizzonti!
by Anna Marziano
Italy 2014 – 11 minutes – prod. teatri del vento – 16mm

Each of the film’s five horizons is devoted by the film maker to the voices of passers-by she met in Apulia in June 2013: their words open and close the spaces, mapping out the roads to sickness and recovery.

Venue :
– Tuesday 11 at 9pm
Projections at Cinéma de la Maison de la Culture
– Wednesday 12 at 7pm
Brunch with Nomadica au café Cujas