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session for film makers and editors

With its strong team and solid experience in the promotion of multimedia and audovisual art built on since 1999, the association Bandits-Mages set up the ZAAP (Zone d’Activités Artistiques et Pédagogiques). Its aim is to provide multi-purpose workshops for artistic activity using images and new technologies directly in interested establishments in the Cher department and Centre region.The educational mission of Bandits-Mages is open to all types of public, from beginners (with sessions in primary and secondary schools throughout the school year) to adepts, with VJ masterclasses and professional training in digital technology and its applications.

Born in Neuchâtel in Switzerkand on March 31st 1970, Fabrice Aragno studied at the Lausanne school of art, the école cantonale d’art de Lausanne, leaving with his diploma in 1998. After a spell in stage management and lighting, he made several short films, including Dimanche (selected at the 52nd Cannes Film Festival in 1999), Le Jeu (2003) and Autour de Claire (2010).
Since 2002, he has worked alongside Jean-Luc Godard – as location director on Notre Musique (2004), then as director of photography and sound engineer on Film Socialisme (2010), Les Trois Désastres (2013) and Adieu au langage (2014).
In collaboration with the Swiss Cinémathèque, he has recently edited and co-produced the films Amore carne (2011) and Sangue (2013) by Pippo Delbono and directed Freddy Buache, le cinéma (2012) for the DVD box-set dedicated to Freddy Buache.

Bandits-mages is forging close ties with the grammar school Lycée Edouard Vaillant in Vierzon, and Lycée Marguerite de Navarre in Bourges. It accompanies projects by students taking the cinema/audiovisual option (film analysis, writing, shooting and editing).
These young apprentice film makers and their teachers will join other participants in a half-day session devoted to film makers and editors.
Composing length, assembling a device, but also creating intervals and separations, introducing a ferment, a chemistry between materials which will communicate, to make a body, editing is all this at the same time.

Two films by editors Bernard Sasia and Fabrice Aragno (to be confirmed), followed by a discussion, aim to shed light on a profession which is often in the dark. As the vital link between film maker and spectator, the editor is of course a technician, often an associate or even a friend, but also the first spectator, responsible for bringing the film into the world, delivering it in a sometimes tense atmosphere between the director and the production team.

SHOW 1 : Robert ou sans Robert
90′ – Format : DCP 16:9 – Couleur – Stereo 5.1- 2013
Director: Bernard Sasia, Clémentine Yelnik
prod: Agat Films & Cie

30 years, 17 films together… Bernard Sasia, chief editor, borrows characters and images from Robert Guédiguian, dismantles what he has edited and then puts it back together and, without Robert, tells us about his relationship to editing, being a creator in the shadows, and recounts the adventures of a cinema tribe, a real-life human story.

Bernard Sasia started directing as an amateur before going to IDHEC (Institute for Advanced Cinematographic Studies). When he left in 1982, he became chief editor on fictional films with Robert Guédiguian (17 films including Dieu vomi les tièdes, Le promeneur du Chant de Mars, L’armée du crime, Lady Jane, Les neiges du Kilimandjaro…), with Safy Nebbou (L’empreinte de l’ange, Comme un homme), Delphine de Vigan (A coup sûr), Zabou Breitman (Se souvenir de belles choses), François Dupeyron, as well as on documentaries with Pierre Carles (Pas vu pas pris, La sociologie est un sport de combat, Fin de concession,…), René Allio (Marseille ou la vieille ville indigne), Christophe Otzenberger (Itinéraires, La conquête de Clichy, fragments sur la misère,…), François Chilowicz, Stéphane Mercurio, Marie Agostini, (…). He has worked for TV series Strip-tease, Brut and Cinéma Cinéma.

SHOW 2 : Locked in the Whirlwind
Direction, editing and mixing: Fabrice Aragno
prod: Casa Azul films
27’ – DCP – 2K Flat / Scope – Surround 5.1- 2014

Retracing the hat in cinema tradition, this montage movie takes a plunge into the grips of desire, madness, false fronts, feelings and a little silence.

Если однажды вы нуждаетесь в моей жизни, прибываете и берите ее.
Le cinéma.
Tell me that story again. Story? What story Honey ?
Everybody wants to be loved.
Nos désirs.
Yes sir ? Didn’t you forget something?
Merde, mon chapeau.
Lord, I am tired. Sometimes I wonder if you really understand. Not that you mind the killings. Your book is full of killings.
Here is where we can set off…

Venue : Cinéma de la Maison de la Culture
Wednesday 12 :
– Show 1 at 13h30
– Show 2 at 15h30