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by Arnaud & Bertrand Dezoteux
France 2014 – 26 minutes

Bertrand Dezoteux (1982) lives and works in Bayonne and Paris. He graduated from Fresnoy, the national Studio of Contemporary Art, in 2008. His films hover on the border between science fiction and ethnography. They tell of worlds where family tales and rural customs rub shoulders with robots and computer-generated creatures.

Arnaud Dezoteux (1987) lives and works in Paris. In 2011, he graduated from the ENSBA in Paris. All his projects use a pop-up studio on a green background as the stage for an atypical confrontation with the actors. They were shown recently at the Loop Art Fair in Barcelona, London’s Nuit Blanche Video and the Musée Làzaro Galdiano museum in Madrid.

The Dezoteux brothers regularly work with art critic Christophe Kihm on experimental projects, such as the evening titled Reboot 3/ virtualités du sport… et potentialités de l’art at the Palais de Tokyo in 2011 and the Atelier des Testeurs at the Chalet Society in 2013.
In 2014, the brothers took up a guest residency at the Fondation Lafayette to pursue their research and, in particular, to finish the production of the film Cloud Berry, which will be shown in an early version during the exhibition Venir Voir Venir in July of the same year.

During the Rencontres Bandits-Mages in November 2013, Arnaud and Bertrand Dezoteux filmed the auditions for Cloud Berry, a hypothetical science fiction movie, in the chapel of Bourges’ national art school, the École nationale supérieure d’arts. The artists drew inspiration from the ideas of film-makers Lana and Andy Wachowski and their latest film, Cloud Atlas, with its unusual storyline entwining six scenarios with a time span from the XIX century to a post-apocalyptic future. The brothers have adapted the concept in the Berry region, asking residents to take on multiple roles, from periods in the past to those in the future.

Co-production: Bandits-Mages and Baldanders Films.

Synopsis :
In 2013, the Dezoteux brothers invited the residents of the city of Bourges to audition for film roles. Those who were filmed had answered to an advert which didn’t specify the scenario nor the roles to be cast. Made up and in costumes but with no clue as to the film set, they tiptoed on, as if they were in the dark.

Venue : Cinéma de la MCB° at 7pm