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Meeting with Eyvind Kang

Eyvind Kang is an American composer and violinist born in 1971 in Corvallis, Oregon. He has authored numerous recordings of music from jazz to traditional medieval music, to Indian influences, Iranian, reggae and even death metal, including “Theatre of Mineral Nades” (Tzadik, 1998) “The Story of Iceland” (Tzadik, 2000), “Virginal Coordinates” (Ipecac, 2003), “Athlantis” (Ipecac, 2007), “The Narrow Garden” (Ipecac, 2012), “Alastor” (Tzadik, 2014) . He is a member of Secret Chiefs 3 and worked with many artists from the independent scene and pioneering North American, including John Zorn, Tim Young, Marc Ribot, Mike Patton, the Sun City Girls and master musicians of Bukkake .

Venue :
Le café Cujas
Friday 14 from 4:30pm