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For the Rencontres Bandits-Mages, we’ll meet Gail Priest, australian artist in residency in Bandits-Mages and la Box, accompanied by Alexandre Castant. Essayist, art critic, professor at Bourges’ École nationale supérieure d’art, Alexandre Castant’s published works include Planètes sonores, radiophonie, arts, cinéma (Monografik, “Écrits”, 2007 & 2010), a history of sound in contemporary art.

This discussion will take place after the concert of Gail priest et just before the « carte blanche » given to the artist (Program “listening visions”).

Alexandre Castant and Gail Priest began to exchange upstream of the arrival of the Australian artist in Bourges for a new critical text published in the Catalogue.
« When you come upon the work of Gail Priest you enter a motley, complex world, as if deflected by mirrors. To start with, there are her sound pieces, personal stand-alone compositions and joint works with plastic artists, photographers, video-makers, performers and choreographers. Then there are Gail Priest’s numerous writings on art, or to be precise, on sound art, contributions to magazines, art publications on the internet and blogs. But there are also works of fiction to which Gail Priest, the writer this time, finds that sound brings a poetic, narrative or structural weight. To these multiple roles we must add those of editor and curator of some thoroughly researched exhibitions, which accurately portray an artistic scene, often an Australian one, where sound art and experimental music are always welcome. Indeed, sound brings an evident cohesion to her many roles, or in some cases one should say, actions, and for these the internet has proved an efficient means of exhibiting and broadcasting. And in turn, her sound offerings lie at the core of this set of disciplines, whether artistic, digital, editorial or curatorial, diffracted as they are in their form, their composition and their artistic outcomes… So how can sound be considered a vector for a journey into other artistic territories while one is simultaneously experimenting with it and questioning its very validity? »
(extract of « Making sound », text of Alexandre Castant published in the 2014 Bandits-Mages Gatherings’ catalogue)